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Verizon Comments

300marco says: (6 years ago)
I have Fios with internet and telephone paying every month $178.12. The billing systems is terrible. If they dont send me the bill how possible I can paid the bill. It's happen to me two times. I do everything through my bank so my bills don't pile on the table. I ask them for send me an email like I have with Discover and another credit cards a reminder but they dont have that system. I'm considered to low my bill the most lower possible that way I dont have to paid that much went they forget to send me the bill. This is no a Post Office problem.

pissed64 says: (6 years ago)
With all do respect, Verizon is thee worst company in thee entire universe!!!! Billing, Customer service and product!!! i have switched to time warner and am so relieved! Verizons billing worst ever, ripped me off for 1,000s im sure throughout the 6 years! My bill was different ever month, frivulous charges of channels i didnt order with promise after promise of removing and giving me credit! you have to give them a long ass account number, wait on line for a rep and when you get one after going thru so many automated channels, they dont know what the fuck is going on!!!Verizon has wasted my time from numerous calls to correct the same mistakes and they disconnected me for non payment for their mistakes! i so want to file a lawsuit against Verizon, they are idiots!!! if you have Verizon and are going to cancel, go to a Verizon plus store and return ur router and top boxes, GET A RECEIPT!!!!Gaurentee you they will try n bill you for something you returned!!their HD cable internet and phone services suck seriously! Time Warner is your best bet when ur bundling!

rokadara says: (8 years ago)
I see Verizon hasn't changed at all since I had them. I cancelled and refused to pay the final bill which of course was wrong,in fact my bill was never right from the day I signed on thus the reason I canceled. This went on for 6 months and me calling every month being told not to pay that months bill because it would be corrected the next month and you guessed it, it never was. I won't bore you with all the facts but I did email the CEO 4 times and never got a response. In my last email to him I told him I now understand why his customer service was the way it was, if he didn't care about reponding to his customers why should they. I am back with Brighthouse and will never return to Verizon no matter what low price or deals they have. I laugh when I see commercials on TV saying that JD Powers rates them #1 in customer service. My account has been turned over to a collection agency that I have no intentions on paying only that part I know I am reponsible for.

diggable says: (8 years ago)
Had used them for a while now and had problems with my internet. needed to make an appointment and next available day was in 2 weeks. one day before my appointment i get a call stating there was a problem with my account and had to wait an additional week. time frame was between 8-12. the day came and i waited and waited. 2pm comes around and no one shows. called them up and they told me he will be there in a few hours. 6pm rolls around and still no one shows. they gave me a next day all day appointment. i waited again the next day till 6pm and no one shows up. called them back and they claimed they will call me back. i get no call. the next day im at work and mom calls me up from home telling me the guy is here. I get him on the phone and explain the problem with the internet not working. he tells me yeah yeah yeah i know what the problem is. when i get back home later that day, the internet still had problems but now my upstairs phones arent working. how stupid is this guy u sent me and why did they send him out without telling me he was gonna be there? called em back up and told them i wanted to cancel cause they suck in all aspects. i was given an option to either cancel and pay the fee or they will credit me for 2 weeks. i opted to pay the fee and switched over to time warner. havent had a problem with either service or installation. ohh and the price i was quoted over the phone was exactly what showed up on my bill as opposed to verizon where the bill was hiked up 50 dollars vs the quote i got over the phone.

wild2peaceful says: (9 years ago)
I changed my phone service to add one line for my mom, and purchased new phone's for my mom and myself as well. I took a day of work to sign for the phone's. I receved my phone by way of Fedex but not the phone for my mom, after one hour 23min of being pass around by Verizon customer care rep's i was told that the sales rep did not place the order for second phone...It's been a week now still no phone...Scream!!!

blanco101469 says: (9 years ago)
I have been trying to get my phone service back for the last 26 days I am still waiting. Why this sinple thing takes so so long. I can not believe the service this conpany gives it's costumers.

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